Happy to Live at This Time in History

I’m happy to live this time in history.  When somebody tells me they’d like to live in some past era, say  after watching a romantic movie with castles, aristocrats, and beautiful clothing, I tell  them they’re nuts.  Ditto for Paris in the 1930s.  I am just now recovering from a bout of diverticulitis.  I wouldn’t wish this malady on my worst enemy.  It’s antibiotics that are helping me escape from it.  We didn’t have these meds back when Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Breton and Tzara were creating art and literature back then. Ditto for visiting the dentist, which used to be pretty frightening.  No wonder people preferred just letting their teeth fall out rather than visiting the dentists.  No Hollywood smiles back then.  And  god forbid having to have an operation.

Going back to the 19th century, the only way you’d get to hear music was in a bar, concert hall or, if you were rich enough, a chamber group in your chateau.    People used to have to walk carefully down sidewalks lest a chamber pot be emptied on them.

So I’m recovering and am happy to be alive—in 2013…..now!!



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  1. Terry Said...

    Amen, Tom, amen.

  2. Debbie Cabin Said...

    Tom! You are so on my wavelength when it comes to things like that! I spend way too much time imagining medicinal horrors of living in an earlier time! Glad you are feeling better.

    • tom Said...

      i’m getting better, but Mr. T the ginger alley rescue is going downhill. The Faustian bargain you make when you have and love your dog or cat. No wonder many people prefer goldfish.