Appearances are Deceptive: Just Look at Christopher Dorner

There is a huge manhunt for Christopher Dorner going on right now.   He has already murdered three people, and is doubly dangerous because of his military training as well his LAPD training.  It is a cop’s nightmare to deal with a skilled marksman who has snapped,  gone on a rampage and wants to go out in flames.

As I watched TV last night, it occurred to me that the weirdest thing is that he has a million dollar smile in every photo.  He looks like the sweetest guy in the world.

You can’t tell a book by its cover, the old saying goes.  You don’t know what is lurking in the mind of the nicest looking person standing next to you.  My heart breaks for the beautiful young couple, recently engaged, that he murdered over the weekend.   And for the family of the LAPD cop he killed this morning  Who knows how it will end, but it certainly will not be pretty.

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