More Musings on Gun Control, Violence, the NRA, etc.

Having recently undergone shoulder surgery, on pain meds and having to take ambien because I’m forced to wear a brace and sleep sitting up on my back, I am watching tv more.  After finding nothing else on, bored and finding it difficult to hold a book in one hand with my brace on, I turn to local stations for the tabloid news, and out it comes:  more guns, murders, mayhem.

The gun debate flared up after New Town and again with Christopher Dorner.  Now we have a 20 year-old kid from an upscale neighborhood near Laguna Hills go on a murder spree, killing both in his own home while his parents slept upstairs unawares;  yesterday ‘words were exchanged’ between an aspiring hip hop artist and some gangsters in a darkened-window Range Rover kill him in his Lamborghini, taking a few other innocents with them.  An Anaheim 7-11 is robbed and the poor clerk is shot and pistol-whipped by some thug in a hoodie and facemask.

When will it stop?  Why is America so addicted to guns?  The 20 year old was a loner addicted to violent video games…..gee, where have we heard that before?  Aurora? New Town?

When will movies stop glorifying action heroes and depicting graphic gun violence.  A new one comes out every week it seems.  Ditto for violent and addictive video games.   Why can’t we just take it out back and settle our disputes with our fists,  like back when I was a kid?

And so Wayne La Pierre of the NRA keeps the cant up about guns protecting our homes and loved ones.  When do we get news of a parent defending his or her family against a burglar or killer with his or her rifle?   Never.  Unless you’re thinking of Oscar Pistorius fending off an intruder.  Problem was, it was his girlfriend he shot and killed.

I am appalled and disgusted.


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  1. bertissimo Said...

    I agree Tom. When will we come to our senses?

    • tom Said...

      i was very disappointed by the cowardly senate members who caved to the NRA during today’s vote. they violate their trust with the US public, of whom 90% agreed we need background checks…….