Amazing Pix of the Zeppelin SS Hindenburg, and the Newscaster Falling Apart


My music teacher sent me some amazing photos of the German airship SS Hindenburg that I’d never seen before:  the year was 1937, and this was before we went to war with Germany.  Germany had no access to helium, so had to use the much more flammable and dangerous hydrogen in its elegant, bauhaus-inspired airships.  The Hindenburg was one of the biggest and grandest of the German fleet.  The huge airship went down down in Lakehurst, New Jersey May 6, 1937,  75 years ago to the day.  My music teacher’s dad was there and watched the tragedy unfold.

I remember back, many years ago, when my father called me into the living room and said, “Don’t miss this!!!”.  The old reel from the 1937 disaster showed a newscaster in the process from professionalism to breakdown.  He just fell apart:

I still find this fascinating, 75 years after the tragedy.



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