Snail Mucus Mask: Proustian Memories Gone Bad

The other night I was slightly horrified when, upon opening my girlfriend’s refrigerator to grab something, wine I think, and saw a packet of something called “Snail Mucus Facial Mask” on the inside door shelf.  Apparently it’s all the rage now;  after getting its start in Spain, it’s now big in Korea and becoming popular here too.

It reminded me of something that happened when I was around five.  My big brother was ten at the time and twice as big and strong as I was.  Sometimes that meant torture.  One time he pinned my arms down on the grass with his knees on top of me and put a snail under my nose.  It slowly moved across from one side to another.  It was excruciating, but  I couldn’t do anything about it, not even get revenge later on (he’d always win anyway).

So now people are willingly putting this slimy disgusting stuff on their faces?   I’ll pass, thanks.  Just give me clay instead.

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